DIY Carsick Travel Kit – VIDEO

Those famous last words ring out in the car…

“Mom…I don’t feel good!”

Hearing that dreaded phrase can make any momma break out in the nervous sweats. Looking desperately for a place to pull over, panicking that you don’t have a barf bucket, and WORSE, knowing you don’t have anything to clean it up, is NOT a good time!

But, discovering a pale kiddo in the back, who is green under the gils, doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Fear not!

It’s Tiny Traveler to the rescue!

Be ready for anything with this DIY Carsick Travel Kit! 

What you need:

  1. 10 Inch by 14 Inch Tote – You can also use a bag or another tote that will fit under the seat of your vehicle. Serves two purposes: 1. To contain your kit 2. Barf bucket
  2. Paper Towel – For cleaning up the big messes
  3. Bottled Water – For rinsing out mouths or even rinsing off
  4. Spray Disinfectant – To disinfect and deodorize the vehicle
  5. Crackers or Snack – For calming an upset belly
  6. Baby Wipes –  To wipe faces, hands or even a full body sponge bath
  7. Trash Bag – For soiled clothes
  8. 2 Gallon Freezer Bag – For barf collection and disposal
  9. Hand Sanitizer –  To disinfect and clean up
  10. Mouthwash – To freshen breath
  11. Motion Sickness Medicine – To prevent further pukes
  12. Stain Removal Wipes – For saving special clothes
  13. Extra Clothes – To change into post-vom

As much as I’d like to help you out, I can’t prevent a total PukeFest from taking over your vehicle while you’re on the road! However, with a little carefully pre-planning, you’ll be ready to recover from even the worst vom-a-thon!

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