My Rolling Garbage Can

Have you ever gotten into someone’s car and asked…”Did you just get this car? It is so clean! ” to which they reply, “Hahaha you’re sweet….(in the most irritating and disingenuous laugh ever)... I’m in charge of the PTO carpool and I run 8 kids around in this car all week. Oh, and no it’s not new, I’ve had this car for 14 years.” 



I hate these people. When does someone have time to clean their house, let alone their cars? Insert a wild toddler or weekend warrior road trip, and my car literally becomes a giant traveling dumpster!

So, inspired by the annoying greatness of over-achieving parents with sparkling clean cars, I decided to take control of the Tiny Traveler-mobile. It was an unusual 70-degree day in November here in Wisconsin and lord knows I would NOT being cleaning anything inside on a day like today. I started my cleaning project by taking this picture as proof for those of you who think Tiny Traveler life is glamorous, pulled together and perfect. Nothing is further from the truth!


It took me 2 hours to sort, clean and organize this huge mess! My wrists are sore from scrubbing mysterious stains out of the carpet and my body hurts from wedging myself between the seats to fish out what seemed like a thousand candy wrappers. What a disaster! On this weird treasure hunt clean up, I found all of this in the backseat alone:

9 Sticky suckers

8 Diapers (Both new and well…..not)

7 Tiny toys (Likely from the endless kid’s meals that are consumer in transit)

6 Stuffed animals

5 Sippy cups (With some really questionable contents)

4 Rotten french fries 

3 Pairs of muddy shoes

2 Pairs of Lucian’s leggings

1 Half empty 2-litre bottle of soda? (What in the world?!)

I’m happy to say that the car is now one of those beautiful, clean, freshly-scented vehicles that I’ve always dreamed of…well, at least until the Tiny Traveler rides in it.

I share this story not just to cast a little humor on my real life saga, but in hopes that you will be recharged with this confession. This my life. It’s perfectly imperfect. It’s flawed. It’s funny. It’s real. If you’ve ever driven around town in a rolling garbage can of your own, then Tiny Traveler is for you!  Welcome to a place where fails are embraced, where flaws are beauty and where life is what you make it. Welcome home.

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One thought on “My Rolling Garbage Can”

  1. I look at it this way, all that stuff in my car (mostly school papers, church papers, magazines, etc) is just protecting the carpet and seats from all the sloshed soda, spilled dips and whatever else happens in the backseat with my 8 and 11 yr old boys. 🙂

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