6 Tips for a Happier Hotel Stay


Hotel life with Tiny Travelers can be hard, especially if you’re not prepared for it!

The living quarters are too tight, the beds are like sleeping on concrete, the amenities are junk, there’s no space to run and play and the housekeeping staff beats on the door, like the Feds, as soon as your little one is sleeping. I feel your pain!

Wish your hotel stay felt more like this?


And a little LESS like this?



Then read on for my quick list of 6 Tips for a Happier Hotel Stay.

Tip #1 – Move In


Whether I’m staying one night or seven, I always take a few minutes when I arrive to “move in”.  This means setting up the crib or sleeping situation, baby proofing the room (clearly hotel room designers do not have kids), arranging a make-shift diaper changing area, putting clothes into drawers and organizing a “kitchen” full of food, snacks and bottles. Having an organized “home” for all your stuff helps for a smooth transition to hotel living.


Tip #2 – You’re Hot, Then You’re Cold


As you may have noticed, there are two hotel room temperatures, surface of the sun hot and frozen to death cold. Spend a little time adjusting the temperature of your room. Keep in mind the housekeeping staff will likely gang up on you and change your settings while your out, and some systems have automatic overrides, so keep an eye on the thermo.


Tip #3 – Privacy Please


Notify the front desk and your housekeeper that there is a child staying in your room. This helps the staff to be mindful of Do Not Disturb signs and keeps unnecessary calls to your room at a minimum. No one needs an alarm blaring phone ringer waking up their Tiny Traveler (or YOU) after a long day.


Tip #4 – Double Up


 Upon check in, ask the front desk to have extra towels and linens sent up to your room. Trust me, you can never have enough linens! If you have a round of pukes and need to change bedding or crib sheets in the night, the last thing you want to do is wait for 20 minutes while Bonehead Bob The Bellhop, brings up the extras. Be ready for the just in case moments!


Tip #5 – Take Out The Trash


If somehow you haven’t noticed, kids are like giant trash producing factories! From dirty diapers to snack wrappers, watch out, it’s going to pile up in a hurry! Those itty bitty, dollhouse sized garbage cans that hotel rooms insist on having, cannot handle the kind of volume you’re going to need. Bring your own trash bags and hang them from a door handle in your room.


Tip #6 – Bring It Along


Bring some comforts from home with you when you’re planning an overnight. A special toy, a nighttime sound machine or even a simple nightlight, can go a long way in helping a hotel feel like home! A word of caution, don’t get carried away! It’s easy to overpack and bring unnecessary items along with this mentality, but dragging a thousand pounds of stuff on your trip isn’t fun, so keep it to smaller convenience things. Although tempting, leave the exersaucer and the tricycle at home.


With a little advanced planning and organizing, you’ll be on your way to a happier hotel stay on your next trip!

I want to hear your special tips and ideas that help YOU to have a happier hotel experience. Leave a reply and share your thoughts with us!