Life In 33E: Flying With Toddlers…And Their FANS

When you are a traveling parent, getting on an airplane with a toddler can be a crazy mental process. It’s typically filled with lots of valid thoughts like this:

“Will my kid crap their pants during take-off and my seat-mates will have to sit and sniff that taco turd for 20 minutes until “The Captain has turned off the seatbelt sign.”

“Can I endure another nasty look from a sassy, well-dressed business women, who wants to punch me in the brain for bringing a tired toddler on this plane?”

“Is there any chance there is another sympathetic, exhausted, travel mom on this plane that I can join forces with and WHY isn’t there an “upgrade to the Family Section” option?”

But add the fun of being stuck in that famous 33E middle seat for what feels like a lifetime, sprinkle on more delayed flights on top of EXTRA delayed flights, wrap it up with a few continuously crabby co-travelers and flight staff, and you’ve got yourself one real adventure.

I’ve spent more time than I can count, right smack dab in the middle of two strangers, with my kid going NUTS. So I dedicate this post to the champions of kid travel, burnt-out mommas, and intensely irritated fellow flyers! Carry on my flight-weary travelers and cheers to 30,000 feet of fun!

This is the face of the people around you when your beautiful child blows out a diaper on the plane.

giphy (70)

SOURCE WWW.reactiongifs.COM

This is you when your kid will NOT stop crying.

giphy (71)


This is the look of compassion from other travelers when your kid will NOT stop crying.

giphy (79)


This is the face of the traveler you ask to switch seats with you so you can sit by your nanny.

giphy (78)


This is your immediate reaction when you hear that your flight will be delayed…again.

giphy (77)


This is the pretty, childless lady across the aisle who forces herself to smile at you….but actually, hates your very existence.

giphy (73)


This is the poor guy that is really jazzed to sit in the seat next to you and your wild child for the next 5 hours.

giphy (74)


This is how you feel when they announce you will be deplaned after entertaining your squirmy child for an hour out on the tarmac.

giphy (75)


This is you when you score a seat next to another family who travels a lot! #Alliance

giphy (76)


This is you when you’ve made it to your final destination and even though you thought you might…you didn’t die.

giphy (80)


Have you been there?

Did you laugh?

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